Idan Tretout has taken his game to New Heights - Q&A with HG Insider

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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New Heights guard Idan Tretout had a couple of breakout performances at the Hoop Group Southern Jam Fest this past weekend. He and his team made a nice final four run and knocked off some of the most talented teams in the event. Tretout has greatly improved all aspects of his offensive game. He credits his performance to his teammates.

Q: You played very well in the Southern Jam Fest and throughout this whole AAU season you have been comfortable. What has been the biggest difference for you this year?

A: “I love my teammates, we have a good team and I think taking a point guard or combo guard role has really expanded my game.”

Q: When you are playing well, what are you doing on the court?

A: “I hit mid-range shots, three point shots and I get assists by getting my team involved.”

Q: You recently went on a visit to Harvard. How was that visit for you?

A: “They have a really nice facility, a really good team and one of the best throughout the Ivy League. They have been recruiting me hard.”

Q: Another Ivy League school in Yale has been recruiting you hard. What do you like about them?

A: “Yale is a cool place and they have done a great job recruiting me. It’s hard when you have teams like Harvard and Yale recruiting you because they are both great teams. At the end of the summer I will start to narrow things down.”

Q: Will academics play a huge role in your decision down the line?

A: “It will play a big factor for sure. After I’m done with basketball I want to have something to lean back on so a degree will be very important to me.”

Q: What other schools are involved in your recruitment?

A: “George Washington, VCU, Temple and Georgetown are also in the picture for me. Providence has reached out here and there.”

Q: Why are you a player that coaches should keep an eye on?

A: “Well they call me the ‘vet’ on this team so that shows leadership. I think I can do everything whether that is bringing the ball up, hitting shots or getting my teammates involved. I think once people start to see that I could see more people recruit me.”