Point Guard School

The point guard position is the most difficult position to play on the court. Like a quarterback in football, the point guard must be aware of all the elements of the game. He must be able to initiate his team’s offense while taking care of the ball and making sure all of his teammates are aware of their responsibilities. The best point guards think pass first and can create scoring opportunities for the players around them while still being able to score themselves.

Point Guard Teaching Points:

  • Learn the Golden Rules of being a Point Guard
  • Learn how to be a floor general
  • Increase speed and agility through the Point Guard position
  • Come and learn from the BEST

School Director: Coach Tiny Green & Coach Mike Rice

The Hoop Group is proud to have Coach Ellonya ‘Tiny’ Green direct all of the Instructional Programming at Hoop Group Headquaters. Coach Green is the President of Nothing But Skills (NBS) based out of South Brunswick. Coach Green is also a former associate head coach at Division I schools Fairleigh Dickinson, Hofstra, and St. Bonaventure. Coach Green has coached numerous players selected by the NBA and European leagues. He has coached in 7 NCAA tournaments. Coach Green achieved All-American status as a player at Upsala College.