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Hoop Group Blog: 3 Skills Every Basketball Player Should Have

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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If you want to play college basketball, then there are a few skills that you'll have to master. Actually, there are many skills basketball players need, but these three in particular are ones that every basketball player should have if he or she wants to succeed playing basketball.


Dribbling is one of the most essential skills that every basketball player learns. You can't move up and down the court properly without dribbling, and there's actually an art to it. You have to develop proper ball-handling skills. For example, the knowledge of how to spread your fingers over the ball properly helps to maximize control of it, so you can execute plays and maneuver past defenders. Part of what makes dribbling difficult is swapping between your dominant and submissive hands. You must learn how to dribble equally well with both hands, even the one that's not your dominant one, which is easier said than done. We offer basketball skills training that can help you develop proper dribbling form.


Passing the ball to other players is a key part of basketball. Basketball is a team sport, and in order to prevent losing control of the ball to the other team, you must pass the ball between your team members frequently. Keeping the ball in constant motion keeps it out of reach of the other team. One of the most essential parts of playing college basketball is the ability to quickly spot open team members and pass them the ball so that they can make a shot and score. Passing the ball requires quick hand-eye coordination and lightning-fast eyesight. There are different types of passes used in basketball, and learning all the different ones will increase your skill set and give you more to work with when you're out on the court.


This isn’t as easy as you might think. There is actually a skill to jumping. Jumping is involved in offensive parts of basketball, when you're shooting to make a score or even trying to catch a pass from another player. Jumping can be used in defensive too, when you have to jump to block a pass from the other team. It's also important to out-jump your opponent for a rebound. Our basketball skills training classes can help you master jumping so that your jump is as powerful as possible and you know the right times to use it.

Just like any other sport or skill, basketball takes time, practice, and dedication. You need to master many different skill sets to become a better player. Hoop Group classes are designed to help you become a better player by offering you well-rounded training in all the major skills of basketball, including the three listed above. Mastering dribbling, passing, and jumping can go a long way, making you a more successful basketball player who is worthy of playing on a college or professional team one day.