Bryan Antoine makes history by becoming the highest scorer in Jersey Shore history - He talked to HG Insider about this accomplishment

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

Bryan Antoine is now the all-time leading scorer in Jersey Shore history after he scored 30 points tonight in a win over Mater Dei Prep. The Ranney School star needed 20 points to surpass Norm Caldwell’s 46-year-old record and did so with a dunk toward the end of the third quarter. He spoke to HG Insider on what this means to him.

Q: What was that whole moment like for you, knowing you had to hit that scoring mark and everyone was trying to get you the ball?

A: “I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t aware of how many points I had. The reason I was screaming after I dunked the ball was that I thought it was an energizing play that got the crowd riled up. After I came back from the three-point line, Scottie and Ahmadu starting to hug me and that’s when I kind of knew.”

Q: Was your state of mind any different going into today’s day game?

A: “Not really, because I was more focused on the win. We have a huge game on Friday so I was trying to help the team win and get ready for practice tomorrow and the day after that.”

Q: Looking back to freshman year, could you have seen yourself achieving something like this?

A: “I’m not trying to sound cocky or anything like that, but in my first game freshman year I had 26 points and that was kind of me just being me. What I reached the last four years I would have never imagined. This just goes to my coaching staff, teammates and God for sure. It’s all unbelievable.”

Five-Star teammate Scottie Lewis spoke on his teammate accomplishing something of this caliber.

“It was like any other, Bryan was quiet before the game,” said Lewis. “He knew he had something to prove by breaking the record and we tried to make sure we made plays to get that record. We’re all just speechless and we are all so excited for him. This is something that doesn’t come around that often with a guy and player like that. With someone that’s a genuine person like him, he deserves it. He works his ass off every day and he gives credit to everyone around him. Guys like that deserve big things like what happened tonight.”