Top 5 Basketball Team Building Activities
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Top 5 Basketball Team Building Activities

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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As a basketball coach, you want the best for everyone on your team and you also want to win a lot of games. Teamwork is an essential component to enjoying the game and succeeding at it. There are hundreds of team building activities you can do to help improve team chemistry and bring everyone together. These basketball skills training techniques are almost effortless, and you are bound to see a positive difference in team attitude.

Think of the Pistons NBA Championship victory in the 2000s. There were no individual superstars, but rather it was a team of excellent players that were great at playing with each other. Phil Jackson once famously said, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Here are several team building exercises that can help bring cohesiveness to your basketball team:

Safe Seat

This is an exercise popularized by Clemson’s excellent Football coach, Dabo Swinney. He would place a “safe seat” in the middle of the team’s meeting or locker room and invite each team member to sit and answer any questions their teammates have about their productivity. What’s said in this exercise is to never leave the room. This strategic exercise allows for transparency and for your players to become vulnerable around each other.

Defining Moment

If you’re looking for a simple team building exercise, try implementing “your defining moment”. Have each of your players share a defining moment of their lives and let the other players give their feedback on the story. As their coach, you should definitely share as well, you’ll be surprised at the results!

Legacy Statement

Have each player on your team create their own personal legacy statement. How do they want to be remembered after they’re done playing? How do they want to be viewed by their teammates and players that join the team after they leave? As a basketball player, knowing how you want to be remembered helps you thrive in the present.

Paired Interviews

To begin this exercise, you should pre determine pairs for your team to get into. You can provide each pair with a list of prepared questions or have them come up with some of their own. When developing these questions, you should gear them to empower individuals to share a bit of their personality with each other. These interviews are designed to openly display emotions, be an exciting way to bond, and develop character-building.

The idea is that the more that your teammates know each other, the more they will care for the team. With everyone on an equal playing field, it is easier to hold players accountable for their efforts on the court. Some of your players may already be very familiar with each other, so it’s important to focus on strengthening and forging new bonds within your team. Give your players about 15-20 minutes to interview each other and make it a goal to have them cover at least 10-15 questions that hit a personal note.

These are just some team building activities that can help aid your basketball team’s chemistry. A successful team not only succeeds on the court, but also off the court. You want your players to care about each other and really understand what everyone is about. This can help avoid a negative locker room vibe and generate a more enjoyable environment for all of your team players to strive in.