Photo by Production Team

2019 Spring Exposure Tour Standouts | NYC & Baltimore

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Denys Bachurin 
A 6'7 Forward with great size and skill. Bachurin rebounded well, stepped out and made 3's and created for teammates and himself in post up situations. 
Darious Boyd 
A quick guard who was impossible to stay in front of all afternoon in Baltimore. Boyd was constantly in the lane creating for himself or his teammates. His poise in the half court and ball screen situations really impressed all day. 
David Kamwanga
With a 6'7 frame and great energy, Kamwanga stood out all day. Doiminted the glass, and was a consistently finisher around the rim. He's fluid athleticism, and understanding of the game was on display all day. 
Mehdi Pissis
A 6'5 wing with strength, pisses was physically dominant all afternoon. He rebounded well for his position, started the break and was unstoppable in transition. His strong frame allowed him to finish through any contact at the rim. 
Seth Beers
A 5'11 solid guard, with a tight handle and great IQ. Beers consistently makes the right play, makes his shots, and creates for others. College coaches looking for a future guard, would be smart to know his name

Christian Rogers

A skilled wing who showed his versatility and athleticism. Rogers impressed with his ability to could do a little bit of everything : dribble, pass, and shoot

Jimmy Romero

A tough guard with size who can handle the ball. Romero did a good job of using his size to get to the rim and finish.

Josiah Carty

The 2020 with a 6'5" wing span stood out on both ends of the floor. Carty used his length to make defensive plays and his athleticism to run the floor to finish at the rim.