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AC Jam Fest Player Spotlight | Cartier Bowman of SJ Hoops Elite

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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2020 Cartier Bowman from Trenton NJ showcasing with HGSL's SJ Hoops Elite this weekend. A 6'5" slashing wing, Bowman finds success on both ends of the floor crashing offensive boards and forcing mistakes on defense. His long frame, athletic build and body control in the air allows him to drive and make plays at the rim. Bowman sat down with HG Insider to talk about his recruitment and plans heading into the live period.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a player to someone who has never watched you play?

A: Very athletic. Can play defense and get in transition. Just do whatever to help my team win really.

Q: First weekend playing with SJ Hoops. What has your experience been like with the team and in this atmosphere.

A: Its been really good. Some of the guys I just met but I am playing with one of my teammates Ty and I've known him for awhile so its been easy to kinda fit in. I knew the coaches from going to Hoop Group camps and playing in there so it was easy to fit in there and the guys have welcomed me with open arms.

Q: What is something that you do off the court?

A: I have an 8-year old brother so I play with him a lot. We like to play basketball together so just that, video games, hanging out with friends.

Q: What is your go-to sneaker?

A: The low-top Steph Curry's. They feel like socks really so they are really comfortable.

Q: What has your recruitment been like?

A: My recruitment has been good. I am getting looks from all types of schools like Ivy, Patriot. Right now I have NJIT, FAU, Maryland Eastern Shore and I have been talking to St Peters and Central Connecticut. I have schools from all over, Midway University so all levels.

Q: What are you looking to accomplish during the Live Period?

A: Just to show everyone that I can do more. Get to the rim and show that I have been working on my guard skills and my shooting. Just show everyone that I have been overlooked for awhile in my opinion and just show everybody why I deserve to be with the top guys.

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