Corey Floyd Jr. is ready for a big sophomore year at Roselle Catholic - Q&A with HG Insider

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

Corey Floyd Jr. is ready for a big sophomore season with Roselle Catholic (NJ). Floyd is coming off an impressive summer with Team Final and is looking to use that as momentum for this high school season. Floyd is an excellent athlete with a real knack for getting to the basket. He spoke to HG Insider about what this season means to him and more.

Q: Roselle Catholic has a great deal of depth this season. What do you think is different about this year’s team?

A: “Most of us on this team this year have either played with or against each other at some point, so we’re all familiar with each other. I think we already have good chemistry which will turn into great chemistry as the season approaches. We have some new faces this year that’ll help out a lot and it’s clear to see just from summer workouts that we all have one goal and that’s to win.”

Q: What do you think your role is on this team?

A: “I think this year my role on this team is to be more aggressive and more of a scorer, but also be an all-around player and get my teammates the ball when they’re open.”

Q: You have a lot of upperclassmen talent. How is this going to help you grow as a player?

A: “We have a lot of upperclassmen that will be playing college basketball next year and for me it’s just a great learning experience. I get the chance to not only play alongside them, but also compete with them every day in practice. I’ll be able to see firsthand the work and effort it takes to get to the next level which is where I’m trying to get.”

Q: What do you think makes you a threat anytime you step on the floor?

A: “I think what makes me a threat anytime I step on the floor is the fact that I can score on all three levels. My shot is becoming more and more consistent each day as well as my handle and I continue to learn how to use my body to finish strong inside. Once I get the defender to the point where they’re not sure what my next move is, that’s when I’m able to take full advantage.”