Only 2% of student athletes are actively recruited to play college basketball.  That means the other 98% have to sell themselves to college coaches.

The Hoop Group is now producing basketball highlight tapes for all high school players! Getting a highlight tape made by the Hoop Group allows you to have your own personal video that shows your best plays, allowing you to help yourself get recruited. Sending the highlights to a college coach along with your game film adds the perfect professional touch to make the right impression.

Whether you want us to make a highlight tape from one of our Hoop Group events, or you want us to put your best plays from your high school season into a mixtape, we have the solution for you! With Hoop Group Highlights, we take all of the video from the tournament (or the film you send us), find the highlights, and send your finished tape to your e-mail inbox within 3 weeks. We upload all of the tapes to our page on YouTube and send you the link (although you can certainly ask us not to if you do not want it on our page), and can send the MP4 file of your video upon request.

Ordering Information

Elite Camp Video Purchase Form: 2019 Hoop Group Elite Camp Video Order Form

Camp Highlight Price: $350

Tournament Highlights Order Form: Hoop Group Tournament Highlights Order Form

Tournament Highlight Price: $250

To Send Video (if you are making a high school tape)

  1. When you sign up, enter your e-mail address in the order form (make sure it is spelled correctly!).
  2. Check your e-mail within 24 hours (on business days) for our Dropbox File Request. The request will be named after the player.
  3. Click the “Upload Files” button.
  4. Choose the game film from your computer desktop to send.


Check out our YouTube channel | Hoop Group Video 

For any questions, please call (732) 502-2255 or e-mail