Cam Wynter Talks About Why He Chose Drexel

Drexel head coach Zach Spiker and his staff picked up a great late Spring commitment over the weekend, when 2018 guard Cam Wynter announced his decision to attend the Philly school on Sunday. A 6'3 guard, Wynter will have a chance to compete and contribute right away. HG Insider talked to Cam about what he's excited for in Philly, why Drexel was the place for him, and his fondest HG Jamfest menory.

Q: Let’s start with the obvious, what made you choose Drexel?

    I chose Drexel because of the relationship I had with the coaches. After playing under Chris Diasparra, Joe Conefry and other previous coaches I felt that the Drexel coaching staff had the same goals and aspirations that they had for me. Drexel was a great fit for me both academically and athletically. I believe Coach Spiker and his support team can take my game to another level.

Q: What’s something coach Spiker and his staff liked about your game while they were recruiting you?

    Coach Spiker and his staff was impressed with how I showed the ability to lead my team, defend and how I got people involved while also scoring the ball. They were mostly impressed with how hard I competed and the energy I brought to each game.

Q: Outside basketball, what about Philly are you most excited for?

    I am mostly excited for the opportunity to meet new people and live in a different city. I also can’t wait to enjoy Philly cheesesteaks.

Q: You’ve been apart of Crown basketball for sometime, what have they meant to you in terms of developing you as a player?

    Crown basketball has meant the world to me. They’ve made me into a team first player. Coach Diasparra was very instrumental in developing me into the player I am today. He molded me into an all around complete player. I trusted the vision he had for my game and never doubted him.

Q:You had a change of scenery this year playing at DME, what aspect of your game do you think you improved on the most in your time there?

    While I was down at DME I improved my jumpshot and my body. I spent a lot of hours in the weight room and even more on the shooting machine. It was a goal of mine to improve on those two things while I was in Florida.

Q: What’s your fondest Hoop Group Jam Fest memory?

    My favorite hoop group jam fest memory was last summer when we were in overtime against jersey force. The first team to score 3 wins the game. They had the ball and scored a layup then after that we hit 3 point shot to win the game.