Jonah Charles - Q&A

Jonah Charles started off the live period on a high note with the NJ Shoreshots. Charles is one of the bigger names in the HGSL and he lived up to it. The class of 2019 guard caught up with Hoop Group Insider to talk the latest with his recruitment & much more.

Q: How would you say the first two live periods went for you in the HGSL?

A: “The first two live periods didn't go as well I wanted from a winning stand point. Although I played pretty well individually, as a team we did not come out on top in a few close games, which is more important to me. I know for sure we'll pick it up going forward and start racking up some wins.” 

Q: Describe your game for people that haven't watched you yet?

A: “My game is very versatile. I pride myself on being able to do a little bit of everything and can take on many roles due to having played many different roles for different teams. My main goal is to do anything to help my team win. Most of the time my role is being the guy my team can count on for a big bucket and knocking shots down at any point in the game, while also being able to help handling the ball and getting in to sets. One of my best attributes is my communication skills on the court.”

Q: What would you say the biggest difference in your game has been since last year?

A: “I think the biggest difference in my game from last year is that I am more comfortable and confident handling the ball and leading a team. I shifted from just being a shooter to more of a combo guard who can also play the point.”

Q: Talk about your AAU team NJ Shoreshots. You guys are a tight knit group with a lot of talent. 

A: “I love my AAU team. As one of the newer players, they welcomed me on the team and gladly gave up the ball to me in situations when we needed a bucket. The main thing I love about my team is the fact that we all want to win and we will do whatever it takes to do that.”

Q: What are the goals you have set out for yourself the rest of AAU?

A: “My goals for the rest of the AAU season is to win as many tournaments as we can and to continue to expand my game in terms of being more comfortable playing the one and two and becoming more of a leader on and off the court.”

Q: What's the latest with your recruitment? What schools are in the mix for you?

A: “Recruiting wise I have been hearing from all of the Ivy's and Patriot League schools.  I hold a couple offers from some of those schools. In addition, a couple schools from the A-10 have recently reached out after these past couple of tournaments in April. I have also heard from some high major schools in a few of the Power 5 conferences, so it has been a wide variety, but I’m enjoying it. I am in the process of setting up a few visits to schools during May and June. My plan is to come up with my top three to four schools by the time the July Live Period is over.”