Amelia Medolla no silver spoon

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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There are always kids that are just different. There are always kids who don’t have a silver spoon, given to them. There are always kids that just believe they can make their dreams comes true. But more than anything else, there are kids who are simply willing to pay the price that other kids will not. This is why AMELIA MEDOLLA will prove me right one day and become a very special player at St. Rose one day.

 Recently I have found myself talking about Amelia Medolla, more and more. I find myself wondering what is the ceiling is for this young lady. I think we often label kids and we box them in. It’s why her story is beginning to look like something out of a fairy tale. She did not enter the Shore with the hype or reputation of a Destiny Adams. She did not expect to have the impact of some of the other so called big named freshman. Amelia Medolla showed up at St. Rose with none of the advantages that most freshman of star status receive. She was just a young lady trying to prove that she belonged.

I’ve seem Amelia in the gym in the past. I know I never felt, she was one of the elite players in the 2021 class. She was never given that type of respect by me or others, it’s something many kids go though in there athletic journey. Being on the outside and never getting that chance to prove they are special. Never given the chance to show they too deserve a little love… they are dismissed. In most cases, these kids move on to a new place. A place that may be easier, a place where the attention flows just a little more in their direction and they feel more appreciated. This is often also when a kid settles on being happy with the label attached to them, and just feeling important is enough.  In the case of Amelia Medolla, a nice kid who one day could be a good teammate and never be a problem….apparently was not enough. Try showing up, putting in the time, working hard and not getting the same acknowledgement of other players. I can tell you its not easy, but Amelia Medolla doesn't care about easy, she cares about getting

Last night I was once again thinking about Amelia, she was at NBS and it was clear as day, the improvement she has made. There were kids with scholarships offers in the gym and kids with big reputations.  But I wanted to make sure everyone in the building knew one think. Amelia Medolla had improved more than any of them… I keep it real at NBS folks, it’s the reason a lot of kids want no part of the program. I told the players her improvement curve was off the charts. Yes, there are some players with more of a reputation, but I have often said… give me game over rep any day…because game always catches up with reputation… Medolla is catching up with a lot of players with reps, with her game. So last night I was discussing players with my daughter, who is a coach at Colgate University. I told her, in three years you will be recruiting Amelia Medolla, and she said who? I responded exactly and that’s why Amelia’ story is so much for me. You see Amelia, didn’t need to have her butt kissed or be given warm fusses to chase her dreams. She didn’t need my approval to continue to work hard. She decided that she could be special and she didn’t need hype and a silver spoon to get to where she wants to go…and trust me she will get there.

So let me tell you who is the hardest worker who walks in the gym every day, these days, her name is Amelia Medolla. She is a player, that got the least amount of attention, but yet continued to show up. When nobody paid any attention to her!!!  She is the kid that rushes from school, and then sits for 30 minutes, watching as the college workouts come to an end. Then she has her afternoon 90 minute shooting session. When that is over she stays and shoots on her own until there is no basket available or kicked off the court. …then she will drive 45 minutes to NBS. Folks she does this everyday…every single day. One day, after school shooting was canceled, so most kids stayed home. Not this young lady, I heard a basketball bouncing and there she was working on her handle, that is of course after she shot on the gun for an hour plus. You see, she is on a mission. You see coaches, players and parents all talk about grinding. But what grinding really means is doing it with a purpose, with a passion and most importantly with a goal in mind, with an end game. You see I believe that Amelia Medolla has an end game that starts with her being the best player she can be…

Amelia Medolla, plays for the JSE 2021 team. Yes the same team that knocked off the 2021 Shoreshots team this spring. I watched that game, as she made big shots and played like a seasoned veteran. It was watching this game, I knew she was special. I could see in her eyes the competitive edge and the confidence. These are things you develop by getting in the gym. It’s strange; because I look for her every day I walk in the gym now. I take for granted she will be there, now I have full blown respect for her. Now I understand what she is all about….now I finally know that St. Rose will have a player that they too never expected to be special….AMELIA MEDOLLA is going to make a lot of noise this summer and just may be the player, St. Rose needs to stay at the top of the ranking….SHE HAS ARRIVED, BUT NOT WITH A SILVER SPOON IN HER MOUTH.