Best Drills for Youth Basketball Players

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Learning the basic tenets of any sport can be the first step to becoming a proficient participant of the game. This is especially true in basketball, during which achieving certain essential skills is critical for success, particularly at the youth level.

Hoop Group, a basketball company dedicated to promoting, teaching and fostering individual interest in the game invites our followers to read the following short blog suggesting some of the more valuable drills designed to instruct young players how to get better at basketball.


Proper ball control, which is accomplished through the art of dribbling, is paramount to basketball skills training and, ultimately, player development. One of the most basic dribbling drills can be performed by lining several orange, road cones along a pathway inside a gymnasium, on a driveway, or on playground blacktop. Once the set up is complete, youths may be instructed to dribble around each cone using one hand and without glancing down at the ball. In addition to improving a novice player's ball control abilities, this drill may also enhance footwork and coordination.


Obviously, putting the ball through the hoop is crucial to success in basketball. Good scorers are typically proficient shooters. Some youth basketball camp organizers suggest offering initial instruction on this skill by having those under their tutelage focus more on technique than merely heaving the ball at the net.

One specific recommended drill involves having players position themselves in the middle of the lane a few feet away from the basket. Once in position, each participant should be encouraged to work on skills like focusing on the shot and following through. Once proper technique is learned, those trained in this manner will put themselves in better position to find success draining shots from longer distances.


Passing is an integral component of any good offensive team. This skill enables players to move the ball down court with speed and efficiency. In addition, some coaches believe that passing is sometimes overlooked as a vital skill, which can make those players who learn to become experts in this discipline even better in the future.

One drill that instructors feel is beneficial in developing proficient passers is the wall passing drill. To execute this task, a player executes various tosses against a wall while his or her mentor observes technique and offers instruction on how to improve.

One-On One Competition

After a player has had some experience working on individual skills drills, they may now be ready for basic competition. Furthermore, there are coaches who also believe competitions should pit a true novice against a player who might be a bit more experienced and better versed in the basic skills. Practicing this way could build toughness in the beginner and enable him or her to witness the techniques of participants with more advanced skills as a learning tool.

Clearly, there are a number of drills that players can utilize in the gym to better their game. With the right amount of guidance and practice with these tips, you'll be reaching your basketball goals in no time.