Tips on How to Improve Your Basketball Shooting Success

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Althoughit is possible for a young player to be a natural shooter, mostbasketball players have to work at it. Of course, practice willalways stand as the best way to get better at anything, let alone atbasketball. Still, most young basketball players can use some outsidehelp if they want to truly elevate their skills as a shooter.

AttendingBasketball Camps

Everythinga player does on a basketball court takes skill. Luckily, theseskills and techniques can be improved with instruction and hard work.It's no secret that basketball training at a top basketball academyis the best way to get better on the court. Every year, many of thenation's most promising young basketball players attend our collegebasketball camps for high school students. This is where players can gain access tosome of the best coaches in the nation.

GettingBetter as a Shooter

Aplayer's value on the court improves as their ability to scoreimproves along with it. The goal of basketball skills training is toteach players the fundamentals of any given aspect of the game.Former Boston Celtic forward Larry Bird is generally considered oneof the bestshooters in basketball history.He wasn't terribly athletic, but everything he did on the basketballcourt was fundamentally sound.

Here'sa few tips to help you improve your shooting skills. These are allthings Bird did to perfection.

1.Practice Shooting Form - It's easy to get into bad habits like "chucking" the ballwhen shooting a basketball. The best way to improve shooting is toimprove your form. That includes learning to catch the ball inshooting position, squaring up to the basket, and releasing the ballwith a good follow through.

2.Repetition - Muscle memory is one of the key ingredients to shootingconsistently well. It requires a lot of practice on the basketballcourt. From each general area on the court, the player has to learnto see the distance, feel the distance, and shoot with the rightamount of effort for the distance.

3.Be Receptive to Coaching - No matter how good a player believes themselves to be, coaching isstill necessary. Our Hoop Group college basketball camps for highschool students emphasize listening to the coaches. Basketballacademy coaches are trained to spot shooting flaws and help studentsmake adjustments. Consistently, the players who take instruction wellare the ones who improve the most.

MoreThan Instruction

Thereason basketball camps are referred to as basketball exposure campsis because college coaches and pro scouts use them to identifypotential prospects.It's nearly impossible for even a small group of scouts to coverevery high school basketball team in the country. We find ourbasketball exposure camps to be the most effective way to bring thebest players and coaches together in the same place. While theplayers are working on their skills, coaches and scouts are watchingfor individuals with both natural ability and teach-ability.