Training tips for summer basketball

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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While most families are out soaking in the sun at the beach, or looking for the hottest party to attend during the summer months, basketball athletes are training nonstop. The best basketball players take practically zero days off.

Whether you are starting middle school, high school, or college, the fall semester will be here before you know it, which means it is never too early to start preparing for tryouts. Summer training sessions for high schoolers at Hoop Group begin as early as March 18th. Here are some ways you can get ready.

Take the time to let your body heal.

Before school starts, it is important to craft a plan of action to fix any nagging injuries. Whether it is a swollen ankle suffered from a recent scrimmage game with friends or a fractured foot, seek out some medical advice before participating in summer basketball training sessions. You want to be in good health before it is time to fill out a tryout physical.

Evaluate your skills and weaknesses.

Hopefully, before school ended for the summer, you took some time to write down some weaknesses you want to improve upon. A coach or personal trainer can help evaluate you. Not only should the evaluation focus on dribbling, ball movement, shooting technique, and passing form, but also agility, endurance, muscle strength, and vision.

Work every muscle group evenly. Focus on strengthening the legs, hips, core, and upper body. To achieve proper muscle balance, strengthen areas around the ankles, knees, and shoulders.

Stretch out muscles in all directions. Find exercises that provide front to back, side to side, and rotating/twisting movement patterns.

Stick with an acceptable repetition range. Basketball players should perform a series of 5-15 reps. Some players may need to perform more or less depending upon their athletic build.

Polish up your landing technique. Basketball players are jumping up and down on the court. One lousy landing could result in a torn ACL, which can keep a player out of the game for almost a year. When you land, you want to make sure that your weight is distributed evenly over your feet. You want your entire body to absorb the impact. Never land on one foot if you can help it and do not buckle your knees before hitting the ground.

So overall, if you're wondering how to get better at basketball in the summer, try remembering these tips. You can practice your skills and train like a pro at a basketball camp, like the Hoop Group which has created a series of competitive summer training camp sessions to help players, parents, and coaches improve their basketball skills. Think twice before taking the summer off; practice makes a better player.