Academic Elite One Experience

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Photo by Production Team

Approximately 300 athletes were in attendance for the first Academic Elite Session of the summer. We asked a handful of the campers what their experience has been like thus far. 

How has your experience been at camp?

William Jefferies: “It’s been fun, I have been rooming with my cousin. Playing basketball all day gives me something to do. Overall you just meet new people and have fun.”

Brian Wood: “I’ve been enjoying it so far, the coaches pointing me in the right direction and helping me out. Great experience so far.”

Peyton Love: “It’s been great! Just trying to learn how to play with a lot of new people.”

Kevin Kwah: “It’s been good, the competition has been good and you get to show out for all the college coaches and play your hardest.”

Max Schwede: “It’s been good, I have gotten to play in front of a lot of college coaches.”

Jake Landsbergis: “I like it a lot, being able to showcase your talent in front of college coaches has been good.”

What's the best thing you have learned so far at camp?

William Jefferies: “The shooting guy (Dave Hopla), all his percentages and calculations he does. He made almost every shot he took.”

Brian Wood: “Definitely learning how to move without the ball and putting your team in a position to win without needing the ball.”

Peyton Love: “A lot of the shooting drills have been helpful. I can feel myself improving.”

Kevin Kwah: “I have learned a lot about the recruiting process and what it is going to take to get noticed. You need to put in a lot of hard work.”

Max Schwede: “To get recruited, you need to be able to share the ball and play as a team, you can’t do it by yourself.”

Jake Landsbergis: “There are a lot of thing you can do to help yourself get recruited. Hustling and working hard, as well as going to all the workouts can go a long way.”

How is this camp different from tournaments you have played in before?

William Jefferies: “Less strenuous. I really like the amount of games we play and the amount of drills we do. It’s not just pound, pound, pound all day. It’s light on the body but you still get the work in that you need to get”

Brian Wood: “This camp is definitely different from camps I’ve gone to in the past. There is more exposure. I’ve seen a lot of coaches here.”

Peyton Love: “The competition level is definitely different. A lot of high level players here, I’m just trying to get used to playing to that level.”

Kevin Kwah: “Coming in I knew the competition was going to be good. I knew they (Hoop Group) get good guys every year for camp. It's been a lot like some of the tournaments I have played at...high level.”

Max Schwede: “Everyone here can do something with the ball, there isn't anyone who can’t contribute.”

Jake Landsbergis: “The talent is good here. Everyone works hard and talks even if they don't know each other. Good competition.”

What’s the biggest thing you need to work on moving forward?

William Jefferies: “Shooting consistency and ball handling. Those are some key points for me.”

Brian Wood: “Being more of a team player and getting my teammates involved.”

Peyton Love: “My jump shot, I will be practicing that every day especially when I get home.”

Kevin Kwah: “Mainly ball handling and my defense needs to improve. Especially my help defense.”

Max Schwede: “Moving off the ball and being able to attack the basket better.”

Jake Landsbergis: “Moving without the ball, fitness and my ball handling needs to improve.”