Day Three Standouts

On the last full day of camp, athletes had one more shot to make a lasting impression on the college recruits in attendance. Plenty of new faces emerged on day three, adding to an already impressive group of overall standouts. 

Ryan McKeon- 2019 - Sanford - 49

For a 6’7 forward, McKeon has the handles and the court awareness akin to a point guard. A skilled passer with great footwork, McKeon uses his imposing figure to finish strong at the rim or draw defenders to open up the perimeter.

Stanford Lyons - 2020 - Kiski High School - 199

For Lyons, it is a matter of waiting for his athleticism to catch up to his height. In the meantime, the rising Junior has a solid jumper from mid-to-long range and spaces the floor well, providing a great foundation to work from.

Andrew Abujawdeh - 2019 - Colts Neck - 25

Abujawdeh takes calculated risks when dishing the ball to his teammates. The rising Senior will thread the needle through the tiniest of windows if the defense offers it, making him a lethal ball distributor. 

Jack Lambert - 2019 - Cooperstown - 16

Being able to create his own shot from multiple places on the court makes Lambert one of the most dangerous athletes at camp. The 6'2 guard sticks to his outside game, but can score inside the paint as well.

Jackson Watkins - 2019 - Collegiate School - 273

On its own, Watkins jumper from mid-to-long range is solid, but when rolling off screens it can be downright deadly to the opposition. A product of Richmond, VA, Watkins see the floor well, and thrives off catch-and-shoot opportunities.

Landon Hawes - 2020 - Potomac Falls - 320

A skilled scorer and passer, Hawes boasts a complete offensive game. The 6’4 guard can knock down a jumper from range, or finish at the rim just as easily. Hawes also sees the court well, which helps him find open teammates for high percentage shots.

Willem Nielsen - 2019 - Brooklyn Tech - 13 

The rising Senior's basketball IQ and creativeness allows him to open up shots for himself and his teammates. Nielsen showed an able to recognize space and find open lanes.

Kevin Ranaghan - 2019 - Saddle River - 57

Aggressive at the rim paired with a smooth jump shot, Ranaghan is a lethal player on the offensive side of the ball. At 6'4, Ranaghan also uses his defensive awareness to grab rebounds in bunches. 

Jack Altman - 2022 - Brookline - 216

Altman moves off screens well, and can generate offense off catch-and-shoot opportunities. The rising Sophomore showed an ability to find space on the floor to create shots for himself and others. HIs long-range shot lead to a plethora of three pointers. 

Brian Wood - 2020 - Garden City - 191

Quick and nimble, Wood finds crafty ways to get to the rim and finish. He pairs his agility with a smooth jump shot that plays best from mid-range.