Academic Elite 1 Ivy League All Star Game Recap

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Photo by Production Team

A great game to wrap up AE1, the Ivy League All Star Game was entertaining to watch. A lot of talent from all around highlighted this game. It seemed to start off very close with each team trading buckets at each end of the court. You could see by all the players expressions on the court they were having fun from crossing someone up to letting players try to perform highlight dunks, it had the energy of an NBA all star game. Everyone was just out there to have a good time and make some flashy plays. However, after the eventual All Star game MVP Robert Beran (2019, Richmond VA) decided it was their game to take, Ivy league Team 2 couldn’t manage to come back. They had a very good third quarter to bring it to single digits, but once the fourth quarter had started, Team 1 pulled away to make it a double digit game and eventually win. The game of course ended with Savion Helm (2019, St. George VA) going for a tomahawk dunk to highlight what had already been an amazing game to watch and everybody cleared the lane to let him work. You could see smiles on everyone’s face and mutual respect you could see at the end of this game. All these players had worked hard and enjoyed their reward to showcase their talents in front of everyone and along the way a lot of friends were made it seemed. Beran would lead all scorers with 15 points, followed by Elijah Williams (2019, Washington DC) and Max Williams (2019, Bradenton FL) with 12 a piece.