Coach Tobin Anderson

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Photo by Production Team

Coach Tobin Anderson is in his 5th year as the head coach of the Spartans at St. Thomas Aquinas. He has a very impressive record of 91-36 in only four seasons. He led the Spartans to their best season in 2017 of 28-6 and advancing to the NCAA Elite Eight for the first time in the programs history. Coach Anderson was named ECC Coach of the Year and the Met Writer’s Coach of the year.

Coach Anderson came to camp this week and shared his teaching methods and what he looks for in players while recruiting. He showed a series of drills for ball handling and shooting, including his favorite "The Chill Drill". This entails dribbling around half-court with a series of ball handling moves and eventaully dribbling to the basket for a layup. Coach Anderson really focuses on his shooting form and repitition with his players. He has even produced a three-time player of the year, Justin Reyes