Player spotlight: William Soucie

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Photo by Production Team

How would you describe your game?

William Soucie (2020, Gladstone NJ): I’m a player, I don’t have a position. I go out and try to do everything. I can pass, make free throws, shoot threes and drive. I like to think I'm very versatile.

How has your experience been so far at camp?

Soucie: Pretty good, it was my first time playing with my team and we clicked pretty fast. I’m just happy to be here and play my game.

How has the recruiting process been for you thus far?

Soucie: I started off with a really good spring. I have four Division I offers right now from Stony Brook, University of New Hampshire, University of North Alabama and University of Hartford, and a lot of interest from other schools.

What do you believe you could add to a collegiate program?

Soucie: “With me you get a winner, I do everything I need to do in order to get my team a win. That doesn’t just mean scoring twenty point a game, it means passing and rebounding. I’m a winner and competitor and that is what I’m here to do.”