Camper of the Week-Danny Morton

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Photo by Production Team

Danny Morton's someone everyone loved coaching at camp. He was part of the Big East league here at camp. His team was Depaul. He is a very talented young man, listened to his coaches and applied what he learned. Hoop Group Skills sat down with Danny to get to know him a little more and find out what he likes.

Q: What was your favorite part about camp?

A:"The All Star game because of all the energy and excitement!"

Q: What was one thing you learned from camp this week?

A: "If your caught in a double team, you need to hesitation and dribble back twice to get out of the trap."

Q:Do you have a favorite professional athlete, could be any sport, not just basketball?

A:"Kyrie Irving, because he is very humble and inspiring."

Q: Did you have a favorite coach at camp this week?

A: "My coach, Coach Caleb was my favorite coach this week!"

Q: What is your favorite TV Show?

A: "Sports Center"

Q: If you could spend one day with an NBA player and get to hang with him, who would it be?

A: "Lebron James because he is one of the best players in the league!" 

Q: What AAU program do you play for?

A: "The Dragon Army"


Jul 10, 2018
Jul 7, 2018