Photo by Production Team

2018 Academic Elite 2 Day 2 Standouts

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Jassiem Moore (2019, Bound Brook NJ): The lightning quick 2019 guard demonstrated an immense amount of talent on day 2. A spot up shooter mixed with getting to the basket made him a huge threat on the offensive end. Quick to beat his defender off the dribble makes him deadly attacking the rim. Great day from the point guard.

Anthony Gray III (2019, Rochester NY): At 6’4 it is a surprise a guy with his size can move as quick as he does. In Gray’s evening game set he was excellent in transition and driving to the basket in general. He used his physicality to give him self good looks in the paint and score for his team. Having his size also helped him on the defensive end to guard both the perimeter and paint efficiently. A nice two way player that could grab a lot of interest this week.

Sydney Thybulle (2019, Irvington NY): Standing at 6’7, the defensive minded big showed out in his evening game set. Locking down his defender in the post and boxing him out contributed immensely for his team. Plays a big man post game where he demonstrated great footwork to put up high percentage shots in the paint. Not only can he score in the paint but he has a little bit of range to his jump shot and can knock down the 3 ball every now and then. Very versatile and a strong presence defensively. Look out for this guy to shine this week

Agni Mustafaj (2019, Bronx NY): a true flood general, the ball should run through this guy on offense most of the time. An excellent eye for the game, the 2019 guard can penetrate to create kick out situations, find an man through a tough pass, and finish well at the basket. In his evening game set he did an excellent job to facilitate and control the tempo of the game. 

Idrissa Bivens (2019, Brooklyn NY): the 6’4 shooting guard out of Brooklyn did well in his afternoon game set. He Contributed a lot of points to his team through crafty finishes and mid range jump shots. On the defensive end he was a strong presence locking down the perimeter and doing his best to grab boards. Moves well off the ball and creates good shots for himself. Look out for him to grab some attention as the week progresses

Ian Hogan (2019, Odenton MD): Ian had a great late afternoon game. He Showed his versatility on the offensive end knocking down threes and penetrating the defense for easy lay ups. He hustled hard in the boards and gave his team a lot of second chance opportunities. Good showing out of the 2019 player.

Connor Raines (2019, West Haven CT): This guy can do it all, utilizing his size in the right way to knock down 3’s, drive to the basket, and be a pesky defender. Raines has displayed a high IQ and knows what he is supposed to do when he is on the floor. A man of many skills, the 2019 forward contributed hugely for his team on Day 2.

Isaiah Gray (2019, New York NY): the explosive guard had a great evening set, beating the opposing team by almost 20 points. Gray was huge for his team in their win being a force to be reckoned with on offense. Played well in transition as well being able to knock down shots. His explosiveness to get to the basket is what was most impressive beating his defender off the dribble every time and ending with a nice finish at the basket. This player will turn a few heads this week.