Inside Look at the FAA Middle School Experience

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Photo by Production Team

As Hoop Group Elite Future All-American enters its second day, HG sits down with campers to see what their favorite experience about camp has been so far. Here is what they had to say. 

What has been you favorite experience at camp so far?

#50 (Marvin Brimage): “I have really enjoyed the competitiveness of the games! There are a lot of talented players here!”

#298 (James Lerner): “My favorite part about this camp is that I have gotten to work on making my game better through the sweatshops and drills. They have been very valuable to me”

#137 (Rahmir Barno): “My favorite part about this camp has being able to work on my game during drills and apply it to the scrimmages!”

#89 (Kevin McFarland): “I have enjoyed the competitive part of this camp the most! Players here are challenging me to be my best.”

#148 (Bryce Anderson): “The games have been amazing this week! I have gone up against a lot of good players. The drills we have been going into the morning have been helping me a lot too”

#170 (Reggie Seldon): “I have enjoyed making new friends this week! This camp is helping me to meet a lot of cool people!”

#255 ( Malcolm Muhammad): “This week at camp has been great because of all the new players I have come to meet. I am having a blast”

#59 ( Zion Stanford): “The games and competition have been my favorite aspect of this camp. Every game I have to give it my all to get a win.”

#64 (Isaiah Sales): “Sweatshops have been the best part for me because it helps me to improve upon my game.”

#295 (Caleb Sales): “I have enjoyed the drills and games the most this week. I like being able to improve my game and the competition here have made the games interesting”

#98 (Tommy Scholl): “Sweatshops have been my favorite part of camp. I feel like I am getting a lot better and making progress towards the player I want to be.”

#308 (Tj Lancaster): “I am very competitive and so I have enjoyed the level of competition here the most. I like a challenge and believe it helps me to be a better player”

#31 (JJ Rembert): “Lectures have been my favorite part of camp. I feel that that coaches and guest speakers have a lot of useful information to help me become a better player and person!”

#33 (Elliot Cadeau): “The drills and scrimmages have been the most enjoyable part of camp so far. I like playing against new players and being able to improve my game!”

#48 (Domenic Duncan): “I have really enjoyed the level of play that this camp has offered. I think that it has made me a better player already"