Photo by Production Team

Player Spotlight: John Camden

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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HG: For someone who has never seen you play, how would you describe your game?

JC: I am a shooter but I can get to the rim too. I use my shot to do that so once I knock a couple shots down I like to pump fake and go to the basket. I am also a good rebounder and passer.

HG: What has your camp experience been like?

JC: It is a little up and down. The first day I was with one team and was scoring alot of points and doing my thing. Now with this team there is more of a ball dominant guard so I am just finding my groove trying to put point on the board while also helping my team.

HG: What does your recruitment look like?

JC: I am getting some interest from a few school but no offers yet, they will come.

HG: What would you bring to a college program?

JC: Like I said, shooting. I am a 6'7" shooter so I can shoot over small defenders, rebounding, passing and just getting to the rim.

HG: Tell me a little bit about yourself outside of basketball.

JC: I have three older sisters so big family. I am from Downingtown, went to a public school but now I go to Westtown for basketball.

HG: What kind of music are you into?

JC: My favorite artist is probably Drake. I like the new stuff he just came out with.