2018 Girls' HGHQ Fall League Preview

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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The Hoop Fall league gets off with a major bang tonight. 

Tonight the energy level will be at a high at HGHQ. With a heavy hitter line up, including 6 of the Top Ten girls basketball programs in the state, HGHQ Girls' Fall League will be a good indication of competition and talent leading into the season. Tonight we introduce the babies into the mix and see if they can run with some of the most competitive upper classmen from New Jersey. 

The main focus of HGHQ's Fall High School League for alot of teams will be chemistry. This year in the Shore there is alot of movement. With girls transferring and new prospects entering the mix, it will be interesting to see how Shore programs react to the pressure from competition outside the shore including Bishop Arch, Newark Arts, Union Center and Norte Dame. No question this year’s lineup will make the games interesting and give us  all a real peep into the future. It all starts tonight….