Hoop Group Coaching Tree: La Salle's Kyle Griffin talks about his time as Director of Hoop Group Team Tournaments & more

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

In the second edition of Hoop Group Coaching Tree, HG Insider interviewed La Salle assistant coach Kyle Griffin. Griffin served as the Hoop Group Director of Team Events along with Director of Operations. From there Griffin was hired as an assistant coach at Lehigh University to Robert Morris University and now as an assistant coach under La Salle head coach Ashley Howard. He broke down what the Hoop Group means to him and more.

Q: Looking back being years removed from being at the Hoop Group. What about the experience of working there do you appreciate the most?

A: “The Hoop Group helped me develop the mindset that there is always more work to be done. I learned to accomplish all my tasks for the day as quickly as possible, knowing that new ideas would pop into my head that I would want to pursue. The more time you wait to get things done, the less of an advantage you have. I also learned how to constantly be working. That meant always picking up the phone regardless of the day or time and constantly being in-the-know about what’s going on in the basketball world.”

Q: What are some of the things you learned there that you are utilizing now while coaching?

A: “I learned how to develop real relationships with people I didn’t already know. Now in coaching and recruiting, I have to do that all the time, whether it be with our current players or people associated with a recruit. It has really helped me to be a successful coach and recruiter so far in my career.”

Q: How would you describe the Hoop Group and what it does for grassroots basketball?

A: “The Hoop Group provides incredible instruction and exposure for kids at every level.” 

Q: Why do you think Hoop Group is in the top-notch position it's at today in youth sports?

A: “The Hoop Group has been running the largest and most organized basketball exposure and instruction events for a long time. Its reputation is well established and people know that.”

Q: How has the Hoop Group shaped who you are today?

A: “In my job and in my life, my experience at the Hoop Group has helped me to be able to stand on my own two feet. There are not many guidelines at the Hoop Group. There is no one giving you step by step procedures to accomplish tasks. You are forced to figure things out on your own and create the most efficient and effective methods for you. I have been able to apply that to every aspect of my life. I will always be proud to be known as a Hoop Group Guy.”