HG Insider Player Spotlight: Chereef Knox - The Imhotep Charter senior talks about his final high school season & more

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

Imhotep Charter (PA) heads into this season regarded as one of the top high school teams in the nation. Head coach Andre Noble will have plenty of talent to work with Xavier commit Dahmir Bishop, Maryland commit Donta Scott, Binghamton commit Jamil Riggins, senior point guard Fatayn Wesley, junior big man Elijah Taylor and of course senior wing Chereef Knox. Knox plays a vital role on this team and is looked up as the glue guy. The class of 2019 prospect plans on leaving it all out on the floor this year and can’t wait for the season to kick off. He spoke to HG Insider on this and much more.  

Q: You’re finishing your high school career with four guys that you have grown up with at Imhotep in Dahmir, Donta, Fatayn, and Jamil. What is it like finishing this high school journey with these four guys?

A: “Finishing my high school career with those four is amazing! We have stayed with each other and have gotten to see how everyone has developed to this point in our lives. It’s just been great being with these guys.”

Q: You guys had plenty of hype going into last year, but this year you have even more surrounding this team. For those who don’t know, what is it like playing on a team that gets this much attention?

A: “Usually we are the ones getting hated on and always being rooted against. Our main focus this year is to stay humble. With us being a top-five team in the country for the past two years it is kind of hard trying to not to be a little cocky, but we just remind ourselves of where we came from and to stay humble.”

Q: What makes you guys the special team you are?

A: “What makes us special is our chemistry. With all of us being together for so long, knowing each other’s strengths and knowing how to play with one another it helps a lot.”

Q: What does Coach Andre Noble expect from you every time you are on the floor?

A: “He just expects me to be me. He likes the player that I am and wants me to play my game out there.”

Q: What does this last year of high school basketball mean to you?

A: “This last year of high school means a lot to me! After this, my high school basketball career will be done and I will be taking my next step into something I plan on doing for a long time. Just knowing that and being a competitor I will refuse to lose and will leave everything on the court. When it is over I won’t have to look back and regret anything. I won’t be saying what I could’ve done or what I should’ve done. No! I want to finish my career celebrating!”