AAU Basketball - Why Every Amateur Basketball Player Should Try it
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AAU Basketball - Why Every Amateur Basketball Player Should Try it

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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The beginning of the summer is quickly approaching, and college coaches are on the edge of their seats looking for the next big star. The off-season (which usually spans from about May to August) is gametime for individuals who dedicate the majority of their time to finding the next high school LeBron James. If you’re looking into how to get better at basketball or play college basketball, there is no better platform to play than Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Basketball.

College Readiness

These young basketball players dedicate their summers to improving their basketball skills, and take it very seriously. Athletes ranging from ages 7 to 19 spend countless hours building the necessary skills to revolutionize their game, and turn the heads of college coaches who are trying to find the best of the best. Anybody that wants to play college basketball would be unwise to let the opportunity of playing in AAU basketball tournaments go to waste.


The exposure that ballers see on a day to day basis when playing in AAU is unmatched. With the majority of states adopting this form of basketball play over time, athletes have started to slowly shift to playing basketball year round. Trending websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube have played a role in placing the AAU basketball realm on a national scale. This innovation is highly convenient for college coaches that don’t have the luxury of a big fat recruiting budget during the summer. These rising social media sites serve as free leads for them to prospect some of the best talent in the nation. I mean, think about it. Any young athlete with a phone has complete control of the way their highlights look and how frequently they are exposed on a national scale. These videos, comments, or posts about 5 star players makes it very easy for a college coach to scout what’s out there.

Big Name Players

Athletes such as Louisiana State University’s Nazreon Reid, Oregon’s Louis King, and Ohio State’s Luther Muhammed have made themselves household names through the prominent NJ basketball platform. Villanova’s freshman point guard, Jahvon Quinerly from Jersey City, went viral after his endeavors with the newly created “Jelly Fam” niche that he participated in. Who’s going to be the next big name from Jersey?


AAU leagues across the nation have influenced youth basketball in a way that even impacts the NBA. Check out AAU Basketball Leagues around your city to maximize youth exposure! So once again, if you’re looking at how to get better at basketball, or ways to play college basketball, give AAU a try.