5 Tips For Improving Your Free Throw Shooting
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5 Tips For Improving Your Free Throw Shooting

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Free throw shooting can be amongst the most difficult aspects of basketball skills training to master. Some of the most physically and athletically gifted basketball players may not show proficiency in this important facet of the game. Hoop Group, a comprehensive basketball academy committed to providing instruction, competition, and exposure geared towards helping youths, parents, and coaches invites our followers to read this short blog offering five tips on how to improve this critical skill.

Proper free throw shooting techniques should be first emphasized during basketball training and then reinforced at every level thereafter. Players may improve their success by adhering to practices such as:

Enrolling In A Basketball Skills Training Program

All coaches understand that proper free throw shooting techniques could be the difference between winning and losing, as well as producing a good, marketable player to perhaps a great one. Ergo, most camps or academies will include at least some instruction related to basic foul shooting techniques.

Aligning The Body And Basket

Positioning the shooter's body to be in lockstep with the hoop is critical. The first step in the alignment process is positioning one's foot on the foul line. Right hand shooters are encouraged to place their right foot in the middle of the free throw line. Left handed shooters will position their left foot in the same location. Once the feet are in position, focus should turn towards the shoulders. Good free throw shooters make sure their shoulders are aligned with the basket before starting the shooting motion.

Assuming The Proper Shooting Balance And Posture

Many basketball players place more weight on their heels than their toes. Executing such action is a huge mistake. Placing one’s weight on their toes enables them to properly bend their knees, which enables adequate balance and a more fluid shooting motion.

Developing A Routine

Free throws are a unique part of the game. In some ways, foul shooting is comparable to stepping in the batter's box in baseball. Sometimes, developing a specific routine prior to engaging in the action relaxes the player and helps said individual perform more efficiently. Specific routines are up to the individual but might include engaging in activities like dribbling the ball several times, executing the shooting motion several times or even closing one’s eyes and visualizing the process.

Conquering The Potential Mental Pitfalls

In most instances, basketball is the ultimate team sport during which all five players representing one team on the court are working together to score and defend. However, during the free throw process, the game becomes quite individualized.

The crowd, especially if the shooter plays for the visiting team, can be hostile. Moreover, shooters can only rely on themselves. Such circumstances can make for heightened stress and the development of mental blocks. Overcoming these conditions is not easy, even for the most skilled, highly paid NBA professionals. Therefore, mastering the technical skills and developing a personalized routine could be paramount to preventing tension and distraction.

Sum it Up

We know that a good free throw technique can elevate your game. Practice these tips and create a signature routine like the experts. Attend a basketball training camp to perfect these skills even more and your dreams of playing in the NBA can be one step closer.