Hoop Group Coaching Tree: Marist's Kevin Driscoll

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

In our latest edition of Hoop Group Coaching Tree, HG Insider caught up with Marist assistant coach Kevin Driscoll. Driscoll worked as an Elite Director in his time at the Hoop Group. He breaks down what he has learned in his time coaching, goals for this season and what it means to be a part of the Hoop Group family.

Q: Now that you have been a division one coach for some time now, what is one lesson you’ve learned in your time?

A: “I've learned to appreciate everything basketball has done for myself and my family. It has given me special memories and taken me to places around the world I would have never imagined.”

Q: What’s been your favorite part about Marist since arriving there?

A: “My favorite part of Marist is the people and the campus itself. Everywhere you go the students and faculty and staff are very welcoming. The campus itself is really impressive with all its academic buildings and residence halls all looking over the Hudson River. It’s a friendly campus with a breathtaking view. In addition, we are also very excited about the $30 million renovation we are putting on our athletic facility.”

Q: What are your goals for the team heading down the final stretch of the season?

A: “We are trying to get better every day, every practice and every game. We want to make sure we continue to improve our team defensive concepts and schemes while being unselfish and team-oriented on the offensive end.”

Q: What have you found to be some keys to success that you’ve learned to live by in your time coaching?

A: “Work as hard as you can and be honest. Tell the truth where it hurts up front, but people respect you for your honesty.”

Q: What’s it like to tell people that you are a Hoop Group Alum?

A: “I'm very proud to tell people that I'm a Hoop Group alum. It’s a great organization that is centered in the grassroots basketball world. It's a place where you get to develop professionally while building relationships with basketball coaches, players, and their families. One of my favorite things is turning on ESPN and seeing kids that came to the camp and knowing that you know the kid and his family beyond basketball.”