Basketball Tips to Become the Best Point Guard
Photo by Production Team

Basketball Tips to Become the Best Point Guard

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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So like you, when I first came in contact with the game of basketball I fell in love with the point guard position. Not only are you in charge of carrying the ball forward, but you’re also the playmaker and the floor general. It is arguably the most important position from an offensive perspective because they can only make your offensive game more competitive by being the master conductor. By the time you make it to a point guard you have to be a great dribbler, passer, and shooter to truly excel. Having the ability to pick out that perfect pass on the break with ease will improve your game immensely. In the following there are several tips to make you a better point guard and fulfill your vast potential.

1-1 Basketball Training

Beating your man one-on-one is key. Basketball skills training can be so varied but it’s important to focus on the fundamentals, such as dribbling. To be a successful point guard, you need the ability to beat your first man off the dribble and you want the defense to respect your ball-handling and offensive skills. Additionally, you want to be skillful in finding the open man without unnecessarily picking up your dribble. This skill will help with dribble penetration, as well as drive and kick-outs to your 3-pt shooters.

Perimeter Shooting

Spreading the defense has never been more important in this era of pace and space. There are many ways to get better at basketball, and improved shooting is one of them. Through statistical analysis, we now understand that 3s and layups are the most efficient ways in which to score. Being able to knock down that open 3 will do wonders for your team’s offense and their ability to spread the court. You want your defenders as spread apart as possible to avoid getting collapsed upon when you drive. Ben Simmons is an example of an excellent basketball story of a point guard that can’t shoot. Just imagine his game with a perimeter? A good perimeter shot will ensure that your defender respects you – all the way out to the 3, which lessens their ability to play help defense.

These are just a couple of basketball skills tips you can use to improve your skills as a point guard. Being able to both shoot and dribble competently will make defenders respect your game. This will open passing lanes in both pick n’ roll and off-ball screens or rotations. Becoming a better point guard takes hard work, we hope you’re up for it!