Behind the scenes: NJ Hoop Recruit - Q&A with Justin Delaney

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

When it comes to guys behind the scenes in the northeast there are few that have built up their brand as Justin Delaney has with NJ Hoop Recruit. In HG Insider’s first edition of behind the scenes, we caught up with Delaney to talk about his journey with NJ Hoop Recruit.

Q: Why did you start NJ Hoop Recruit?

A: “For as long as I can remember I’ve had an affinity for high school hoops as it relates to the next big prospect. I started NJ Hoop Recruit because I thought New Jersey had a unique pool of talent that not many people were privy to. I felt like the top local recruits weren’t properly being showcased and I couldn’t find much content on them otherwise, so I figured I would take the matter into my own hands.”

Q: What’s been most rewarding for you since building up your brand?

A: “I’d say the most rewarding part is hearing or seeing how much people appreciate the platform.  From content creators to kids who dream of being featured on the page, the love has made it all worth it.”

Q: You’ve done a great job capturing New Jersey’s basketball culture. What is like working from a state that is so rich with talent and history?

A: “It’s a beautiful thing. For such a small, densely populated area it’s a blessing how much talent we manage to reproduce every year.”

Q: What are some of your favorite memories since starting NJ Hoop Recruit?

A: “Some of the early viral moments like Isaiah Briscoe's ankle breaker at Kean University, the 2015 Big Strick Classic when Markelle Fultz dropped 50 points at Dyckman, making ESPN and the first Jelly Day. I feel like those was some of my early milestones.”

Q: What are your goals with NJ Hoop Recruit?

A: “I just want to keep putting on for my state and get more kids into college.”