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Dakota Adam | Hoop Group Defensive Player of the Year

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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The Hoop Group 2019 Defensive Player of the Year is Dakota Adams of Manchester high School. She is the #1 reason Manchester has quietly become one of the best defensive teams in New Jersey.

Dakota Adams is one of the most versatile defenders in New Jersey. This pass season she played in the middle of the most feared zone defense in the state and controlled the game inside the paint. Dakota Adams' length and ability to challenge shots made scoring against Manchester from the lane almost impossible. Her show stopping performances against St. Rose and SJV were total vindication of her talents forcing both teams to play from behind the arc.

In the semi- final against St. Rose she lead Manchester's defense, rotating and dominating St. Rose in the lane. Her physicality in the paint resembled a high major basketball game and made anyone who dared come into the paint pay. In the SCT championship, Dakota Adams put any questions of who is the best defensive player in the shore was to rest. Her ability to contest every possession in the lane single handily took the talented SJV front line out of the game. Dakota had 10 defensive rebounds and 2 blocks and 4 steals. It was one of the best defensive performances in a championship game in years.

This season Dave Beauchemin utilized Dakota Adams versatility and put on just about every position. Most impressive was her ability to play on the perimeter and lock down some of the most dangerous wing players in the state. She was the backbone of the Manchester press, protecting the rim and making it impossible for teams to throw long allowing Manchester's guards gamble on defense. This season she averaged over 3 steals a game and 1.5 blocks

Defense is about heart, commitment, condition and IQ. Dakota Adams has mastered all four skills sets. Dakota Adams commitment to defense is unmatched because she has mastered help, full court and one on one defense. Dakota's high motor makes her a defensive terror in transition and allows her to play hard every possession. Her Defensive IQ is unmatched. Her understanding of rotations, help defense and when to foul is special but its her ability to get back to defend her man that separates her from every other player in the Shore Conference. She is the clear leader of the Manchester defense. Dakota's ability to disrupt and dictate her opponents movements are a gift. All these things add up to one thing, The 2019 Hoop Group Defensive Player of the Year!