Q&A with WrightWay Skills standout Thatcher Stone - He talks about the Pittsburgh Jam Fest and more

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

The Pittsburgh Jam Fest with have some big time talent on display from each age group. Class of 2020 prospect WrightWay Skills’ Thatcher Stone is one of the biggest names in attendance. He spoke to HG Insider about his team and much more.

Q: What do you want a college coach to walk away thinking after watching you play?

A: “I want coaches to think ‘We need this guy’ when they walk away from our game. I want them to feel like they have to recruit me because of what I bring to a team.”

Q: How would you describe your team this season?

A: “Our team is a family. Guys truly believe in each other, we have a lot length in our backcourt and on the perimeter. We are an athletic bunch and really talented. We compliment each other very well and we enjoy making each other better. The competition in practice is crazy!”

Q: What excites you about the Pittsburgh Jam Fest?

A: “The Pittsburgh Jam Fest is the biggest stage and is amazing to be apart of. I’m excited to showcase my abilities as an elite player.”

Q: What would you say your best attributes are?

A: “My combination of size and strength being a 6’7” guard and wing, my athleticism and my shooting ability. I also can drive, stop on a dime and rise up over defenders to knock down shots.”

Q: What type of impact do you make on WrightWay Skills?

A: “I’m a leader on and off the court. I embrace getting everyone fired up by providing a lot of energy every game. I also try to do the little things that helps lead our team to a win.”