Kam Farris shines at the Southern Jam Fest - Q&A with HG Insider

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

Class of 2020 point guard Kameron Farris from WrightWay Skills (MA) has dominated here at the Hoop Group Southern Jam Fest thus far. He has led his team to two early victories with his top-notch scoring ability. He spoke to HG Insider about his game and much more.

Q: You’ve performed well so far this weekend. What has been your mindset out here?

A: “This tournament is set up a bit different than the other ones because there are no showcase games. Coach made a point to fight from the start because it is survive and advance. I was just trying to get my team the win.”

Q: How would you describe the way you play?

A: “I just try and make plays for my team and score the ball at a high rate. I like to go downhill and make plays.”

Q: What are people going to realize about you the more they watch you?

A: “I think they will see that I have good pace to my game, I like to have fun and I like to get everyone involved. I feel like there is a lot of energy when I’m out there.”

Q: What schools have offered you and who has expressed interest?

A: “I’ve gotten offers from Fairfield, NJIT, Canisius, Boston University, Old Dominion and East Carolina. I’ve received a lot of interest from multiple places.”

Q: What are some goals that you have for the rest of the year?

A: “I’m trying to be the best defender whenever I’m on the floor and I’m trying to set the mark. I want to be the best point guard in 2020.”