Q&A with K-Low Elite point guard D.J. Woodbury - The 2020 prospect is someone to watch

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

K-Low Elite point guard D.J. Woodbury had a strong showing at the Southern Jam Fest. The class of 2020 prospect led his team to some impressive victories with his hardnosed play and playmaking ability. Woodbury caught up with Hoop Group Insider to give some insight on his play and more.

Q: For those that haven’t watched you play yet, what is something people would notice about you right way?

A: “If you have never seen me play, one of the first things you will notice is that I try my hardest to be a leader.”

Q: You play for K-Low Elite. Do you take pride in playing for Kyle Lowry’s Program?

A: “Yes, I take so much pride in playing for this program. If you want to play for K-Low Elite you have to be a dog.”

Q: You play Football as well. Are you looking to pursue both of these sports in college?

A: “I’m still asking myself that every day. I love both.”

Q: What do you take the most pride in on the court?

A: “Making sure my team plays their best and of course trying to make it hard for the other team each time down.”

Q: What drives you to get better?

A: “I just want to be the best and where I come from people give up so easily so I just want to be different.”