Q&A with DC Blue Devils point guard Bol Akot - He talks about his leadership role and more with HG Insider

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

Class of 2020 point guard Bol Akot is running the show for the DC Blue Devils (NH) this year. Akot brings a lot of toughness and has a real knack for getting to the basket. This and more are why multiple division one schools are heavily recruiting him. He spoke to HG Insider on suiting up for the Blue Devils, his leadership role and more.

Q: What is it like suiting up for a program like the DC Blue Devils?

A: “Suiting up for the DC Blue Devils is fun and it’s a good environment to be around and everyone is one whole family.”

Q: You are looked like a leader on this team. Is this a role you take pride in?

A: “I’m looked like a leader on this team and I take pride in that because I was always a younger player playing up a grade. This year this is my normal grade and the last year of AAU so I want to be the guy everyone looks to and someone to build energy off of.”

Q: What’s something people don’t know about you that they should?

A: “Something people don’t know about me is that I am a coachable player and I am able to take constructive criticism. I love winning and will do anything to win. I am an underrated leader and I like to lift others while I climb up.”

Q: What do you think separates you in the floor?

A: “What separates me on the floor is I can get in the lane and give the defense chaos. I always get my teammates involved and tend to always make the right play. I am always talking on the court and I am always heard on the court.”

Q: What is something you could do that will allow you to fulfill your potential?

A: “What I could do to allow me to fulfill my potential is getting better at my defense by never taking plays off. I need to stay engaged the whole game, get stronger for sure and perfecting my jump shot.”