3 Easy Basketball Drills to Improve Coordination
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3 Easy Basketball Drills to Improve Coordination

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Hand-eye coordination is a big part of becoming a skillful basketball player. Some people are naturally gifted with excellent coordination, however, this is not the case for everyone. The good thing it that hand-eye coordination is something that you can learn to develop with practice. There are numerous drills you can get involved with to improve your coordination when it comes to basketball. Many of these drills are simple and can be done at home without the need for a full court or gym.

Here are a few different drills you can do on your own without the aid of a trainer. These hand-eye coordination drills are designed to take your game to the next level!


Juggling is not only a great hobby, but it’s also something you can do to help your concentration. Juggling can help your eyes track multiple objects simultaneously. This is a skill that can help you out immensely, especially if you’re a point guard aiming to be the floor general of your team. As a point guard, you’ll want to keep your head on a swivel as you track the movements of your teammates and the opposing team. Juggling also helps you remain calm while tracking different movements.

We recommend that you start juggling with two tennis balls and then slowly work your way up in quantity. With enough practice, you’ll be able to start juggling three to four tennis balls with ease.

Handling Coordination

Another drill, outlined by USA basketball, focuses on teaching you the ability to handle the ball while taking in all of the different movements on the court. You’re going to want to stand at one end of the court with two basketballs. Once you begin to walk, start dribbling the ball in your right hand. Following a fraction of a second later, dribble the ball in your left hand. You’ll want to continue alternating this dribbling pattern until you reach the end of the court or area you’re training in. Remember to keep your eyes up and alert as much as possible.

As you become more skilled at this drill overtime, you should be able to do it while sprinting without looking down.

Playing Catch

Now, you may not believe it, but playing simple catch is a phenomenal way to improve your hand-eye coordination. It may seem basic, but it’s an easy way to develop coordination skills. Find a partner and just practice tossing a basketball back and forth. Make sure to vary and switch up the style of passes. You’ll want to try overhead, bounce, and chest passes to your training partner.

If you don’t have someone to practice with, you can practice these same skills by bouncing a basketball against a wall. By varying the speed and direction of your passes, your eyes will develop the muscle memory needed to adjust to the speed of the ball’s movements.

Apart from training on your own, you can consult help with a professional. At HoopGroup, we offer some of the best basketball training in New Jersey that aids you in developing your game. There are a variety of clinics and coaches that you can visit depending on what skillset you’re hoping to develop.