St. John's point guard John Wilson is ready to make another run at the WCAC title this season - Q&A with HG Insider

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

In his first year at St. John’s (DC), John Wilson made a strong impact from the jump. He played a key role in their run to the WCAC Championship. The class of 2020 point guard stood out at Hoop Group Team Camp earlier this month and showed he is more than capable of stepping into a senior leadership role this year. He did a Q&A with Hoop Group Insider on this and much more.

Q: You had an impressive season last year with St. John’s as you made it all the way to the WCAC Championship. What was that journey like for you?

A: “Our journey last year was crazy and we had a lot of ups and downs through the year. We had some tough losing streaks, but toward the end, we brought it together and made a good run. We have three seniors coming back so we know what it takes to get there. We also have a lot of talented young guys so we just have to lead them and hopefully win it this year.”

Q: What was it like playing someone as talented as Casey Morsell?

A: “He was a great leader and would keep all of us younger guys in check. He would tell us if we were doing something wrong and would be that big-time player who stepped up in the clutch. Playing with him was great and he was a humble kid.”

Q: Are you ready to step in as a senior leader for this team?

A: “I’m definitely ready for it because we are a young team and have a lot of freshmen so they are going to have learn how to play older than they are. They are going to have to learn fast and I’m ready to help them through the process. I’m going to use what I learned from Casey Morsell and them last year and apply it to this year.”