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Bob Hurley Biography

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Bob Hurley is a 71-year old basketball head coach from Jersey City, New Jersey. He has coached St. Antony’s high school since 1972 and has been in charge of the men's basketball program until the school shut down in 2017. It can be said with confidence that Coach Hurley built a local program into a national powerhouse and ran it like a smooth engine. During Hurley’s 45 year reign of coaching, he has won 4 National Championships, 28 State Titles, 13 Tournament of Champions Title, and over 1,100 Career Wins. He also became just the 10th coach in high school history to win 1000 games and has led five of his teams to 8 undefeated seasons.  

Bob Hurley is known for coaching numerous players that have gone on to become Division I athletes as well as several first round draft picks for the NBA, including his son Bobby Hurley, a former All-American point guard at Duke and the head basketball coach at Arizona State. In addition, Hurley has produced 7 NBA 1st Round Draft Picks, and over 200 College Players.  

After the closure of St. Antony’s high school, Hurley was asked if he would like to continue his coaching career elsewhere, as he was offered multiple high school and even college coaching positions. Hurley, however, had declined all of them. He said: “I had no interest,” “I wouldn’t want to go somewhere else,” he adds. “St. Anthony’s is all I’ve ever done. And I think 50 years was enough.” However, he has made it clear that he isn't ready to retire just yet from the sport that he loves, and spent his afternoon reading.

Hurley is a strict disciplinarian who demands total commitment, self-control, and sacrifice both on and off the court. His style of coaching is very much in-your-face type of demeanor and grind to get better. He wanted to set a tone and culture in his program that the players would follow. The notion of every player wearing a uniform and washing it at home is just one of the parts of the discipline he tries to instill. “If nobody teaches them, they don’t know,” he explains.  Coach Hurley he has long felt that the first step in building a cohesive, successful team is to instill the sort of discipline that focuses on teamwork rather than personal behavior. He has his own definition for his methodology: "socialization."

Hurley advocates that players need rules, especially if they are coming from corrupt neighborhoods influenced by drugs and economic struggles where the laws are not really set in place. It’s the kind of strategy that Hurley had adopted and emphasized during his years at St. Anthony’s. Additionally, Hurley was featured in the documentary - The Street Stops Here, and had been known for taking kids of the streets and turning them into disciplined young man. You couldn’t put a price on his passion for the game of basketball. His relationship with his players, however, goes beyond just basketball; He thought them about life, and was their mentor, and their friend. Hurley has become an icon and a legend across the nation. He has spent a lifetime on the hardwood, unwavering in his pursuit of elevating the mind, body, and spirit of the young men he coaches. The victories and championships are there to count, but the true measure of the man is the scores of young lives he has permanently touched.

Coach Hurley is one of the most respected and credible names in basketball. He has collected many awards thought his career such as the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and the 2017 ESPY award. In 2010, Hurley was announced as the only coach to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and only the third high school coach in history who was honored as such. Hurley is considered a top 10 high school basketball coach in the history of the United States.

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