Dereck Lively shows off his potential and talent in the June High School Live Period - Q&A with HG Insider

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

Westtown School (PA) center Dereck Lively was excellent in both weekends of the June high school live period. The class of 2022 prospect did what a big man should do with his play around the basket, rebounding ability and rim protecting, but Lively has shown he is more than that. He showed brilliant flashes with his full court play and jump shot, which extends all the way to the three-point line. He spoke to HG Insider about his potential as a player and more.

Q: What is it like to be back on the court and having this kind of success with your teammates?

A: “It feels great and I’ve been waiting to do this all year. When I was hurt, I was just watching and learning from the coaches and players as the season went on. I really learned from John Bol Ajak and Franck Kepnang and am doing my best to make the impact they do on the floor.”

Q: Who has extended offers to you thus far?

A: “I’ve received offers from Temple, Penn State and UCLA so far.”

Q: How would you describe his potential?

(Westtown School teammate Jalen Warley on Lively) A: “His potential is off the charts and it’s incredible to see how he picks up and learns things every day in practice. It’s really easy to communicate with him, which is so valuable as a center. He is ready for any pass you throw to him and is really good at adjusting on the fly.”

Q: How would you describe your potential as a player?

A: “I’m still working on my post moves, ball handling and shooting mainly. I’ve been in the gym every day for two to three hours and just getting up shots to improve upon it. Last year, I wasn’t shooting from three and now I’ve added that to my game to add more dimensions to my game."