Donovan Clingan puts everyone on notice at Future All-American Camp

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

Class of 2022 center Donovan Clingan from Bristol Central (CT) was one of the most intriguing prospects at the Future All-American Camp. Clingan stands at 6’10” and showed impressive flashes of athleticism and a well-rounded skill set. He caught up with Hoop Group Insider on his experience at camp and much more.

Q: How would you say your experience has been here at Future All-American Camp?

A: “It’s been fun, I’ve never been to Hoop Group and I really like it here. I like how it’s organized, we play a lot of games against good talent and I’m learning a lot.”

Q: What do you aim to accomplish on the court?

A: “I do whatever is best for the team by scoring points and making plays to give us the win.”

Q: What are you looking to improve on in your game?

A: “I’m working on being stronger around the basket and playing through contact right now.”

Q: Is there anyone you look at on the next level?

A: “I really like watching Giannis because he is an animal with how strong he is and I really like his work ethic.”

Q: What schools have shown interest in you thus far?

A: “Yale, UPenn, Maine, CCSU and some more have shown interest.”