Justin Taylor shines at FAA Camp - Q&A with the Virginia native

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

Justin Taylor left his mark at the Future-All American camp this past week. The Virginia native may have been the best shooter amongst the pack and did enough to make the Top 20 All-Star Game. HG Insider learned more about the St. Anne’s-Belfield School (V.A.) star in a Q&A.

Q: You’ve had a big week here at Future-All American camp. What’s been your favorite part of your experience here?

A: “It’s a lot of fun and I like competing against the top guys so that factors in. Seeing everyone that you saw throughout the summer playing here is really cool.”

Q: What’s something you got here at camp that you can’t get anywhere else?

A: “Playing on one circuit you get to play against teams under one brand. Here I get to play against different guys from all three circuits is a lot of fun.”

Q: People think of your jump shot primarily with your game, but would you say there is more to you than that?

A: “I can shoot the ball, but I think I’ve added more to my game. I have a really good pull up and I’ve been working on getting into people’s body more and getting to the basket. I’ve been using my jump shot as a threat to utilize other parts of my game. I’ve also been working on my defense as well.”

Q: Which schools have extended offers or have shown interest thus far?

A: “Old Dominion, James Madison, and Liberty have offered so far. I have received interest from Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, Memphis, and Oklahoma State.”