Sean Durugordon recaps his season with Crown Basketball - Q&A with HG Insider

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

Class of 2021 prospect Sean Durugordon had a terrific season with Crown Basketball this summer. Durugordon’s athleticism and versatility was on full display and colleges are taking notice. He did a Q&A with Hoop Group Insider on his season, his goals and more.

Q: What was this season with Crown like for you?

A: “It was really special, we played together really unselfishly and we all were just on the same page mentally. I think that’s the main reason as to why we were so successful this past spring and summer.”

Q: What do you think you showed everyone this summer?

A: “This summer I think I showed my versatility the most. I can be someone who can play all over the floor offensively and defensively and I’m not just limited to one thing.”

Q: What do you think is most intriguing about you as a prospect?

A: “The most intriguing thing about me is that you can’t really label me as a specific player. My natural position is a shooting guard, but that’s not all I can be. I’m whatever my team needs to be, whether if it’s getting rebounds, scoring, defending the paint, making plays, anything pretty much. I think that’s what separates me from most players.”

Q: What's the ultimate goal that you are looking to achieve & how do you plan to get there?

A: “My main goal is to make it to the NBA. I know how much work has to be put in to get to that level and I’m willing to do it. That’s why I just have to stay humble and coachable because I know that there are a lot of guys that are probably just as good as me or even better that are trying to get to that level too, but what’s going to separate me from them is the way I think and approach certain things mentally.”

Q: What does a school need to show you down the road for you to feel comfortable enough to commit?

A: “The school that I choose to commit to would have to be a school that I know loves me both on the court and off the court. I will know this by simply how many times I speak to them and see them in person. If they are texting me on the regular, at my practices and games constantly I’ll know they are very interested in landing me. These are all factors I think about when it’s that time. I want to build a strong trust with them, so I know they will give me the opportunity to have an immediate impact on the team once I get on campus.”