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Academic Elite 2 Player Spotlight | Corey Perkins

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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A 2020 guard from Hockessin Delaware, Corey Perkins is grabbing coaches attention after playing a key role in the Sanford School's Championship season. Perkins has expanded his game and showcased his versatility this week controlling the ball and creating scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. Corey Perkins sat down with Insider to discuss his improvement and recruitment finishing out the summer.

Q1: Describe your game to someone who has never seen you play before.

A: I’m a pass first point guard. Over the years, I got bigger, stronger, and I can score a little bit more now. I’m still a pass first guard and look to get my teammates open and involved.

Q2: How do you feel your standing with your recruitment and skills this summer? Is there anything you’re looking to improve?

A: It’s good, definitely getting better. Before I really wasn’t getting recruited that much, but now I got some schools calling me. So I’d say this summer is going pretty well.

Q3: Is there anyone you model your game after?

A: Not really. My game just comes naturally; I don’t look up to anyone particular. If anyone helped me become the player that I am, it would be my dad.

Q4: How do you feel being an athlete impacts you as a student?

A: I always put education first. The classroom definitely opens up more doors and puts me in a better position. When you can do both, its puts you in a position to succeed.

Q5: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

A: Hopefully playing pro: Overseas or the NBA.