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Elite Camp Player Standout | 2020 Myles Foster

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Myles Foster is a 6’7” power forward/small forward from North Andover, MA. Coming off the Division 1 live period with strong appearances for Wightway Skills HGSL, Foster sits down with HG Insider on his recruitment and overall play.

Q1: How would you describe yourself as a player?

A: I pride myself on being someone who works hard on defense, rebounds, and finishes strong. I have a good post and midrange game, and I can spread the floor. I’m also someone who brings energy to our team and gets my teammates involved.

Q2: What are your ambitions for this summer? How do you think you stand skill wise and recruitment wise? 

A: My goal was to get recruited by a Division I school and so far, I have 5-6 offers. I’m still doing my visits and I have no favorites as of fright now. I’m just taking it all in and accepting everything that has happened so far.

Q3: Is there anyone you model your game after?

A: I like watching Draymond Green; I think he really does a lot. He’s a good all-around player and does a little bit of everything. I try to incorporate that into my game. From a college level, I got a lot of comparisons with PJ Washington from Kentucky. My game resembles him a lot. 

Q4: How does being an athlete impact you as a student?
A: They both go hand in hand. You have to work hard at school just as much as you’re perfecting your craft at basketball. If you’re going to be elite on the court, you also have to be elite in the clasroom. One goes with the other.