Shane Dezonie stands out at the New Jersey Tip-Off Classic - Q&A with HG Insider

By Pat Lawless

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Photo by Production Team

Hudson Catholic had one of the most impressive wins this past weekend at the New Jersey Tip-Off Classic and sophomore wing Shane Dezonie deserves a lot of credit. He spoke to HG Insider on his performance and more.

Q: You are unique spot being one of the leaders on this team and just being a sophomore. What is it like having that opportunity?

A: “It feels great being a leader and having the opportunity to lead the younger guys as we progress through the year. We will keep working and see how it goes from there.”

Q: What type of impact do you plan to make on this year’s team?

A: “On this year’s team I’m just mainly trying to play defense, talk to teammates and be a leader. At the same time I want to be aggressive so I provide for my team.”

Q: When are you playing well on the floor, what are some of the things you are doing?

A: “I can score the ball very well and play defense. I try to play on both ends of the court as much as possible.”

Q: What are some of the schools that have expressed interest in you?

A: “Some of the schools who have expressed interest are Villanova, Cincinnati, Seton Hall and other high major schools. I want to be a high major player so I just have to work hard and get there.”

Q: What offers are on the table for you now?

A: “I have one from Rutgers, Tulane, La Salle, Iona and I believe that is it for now.”

Q: What do you see as the next step in your game?

A: “I think the next step for me is that I have to work on being a great leader and being vocal.”

Q: As you look toward the rest of the season, what is your mindset?

A: “The mindset for the rest of the season is to just play hard. We have to win something this year even though we lost everybody I think we’ll make it somewhere.”