Two Skills that Every Good Point Guard Should Master

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Two Skills that Every Good Point Guard Should Master
Two Skills that Every Good Point Guard Should Master
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Point guard is a position with a lot of responsibilities on the basketball court. In some coaching circles, this position is deemed the floor general. While many point guards are also prolific scorers, their primary objective is to set their teammates up to score. There is a lot of time in basketball training that is spent working on dribbling and passing.

These two important skills need to be mastered by the point guard. However, the position is more than just passing and ball control. A number of basketball clinics and training camps actually offer specific segments focused on point guard play. Here are two useful tips (and what no to do) every point guard should keep in mind:

Don't Telegraph Passes

Most basketball enthusiasts have heard of the no-look pass. However, many point guards do not understand how important their line of sight is to just about every pass. Of course, there is the logical result of a telegraphed passed where the defender reads the point guard's eyes and steals the ball. However, telegraphing passes too soon allows a defender an extra second to shift their location or adjust to a better guarding position. Coaches drill the quickness of the game into nearly every one of their basketball skills training drills.

One way to gain an edge on offense, is to control how much of an opportunity defenders have to react. Since much of our offense begins with the point guard, especially the half-court, set plays, learning how to not telegraph passes is an essential skill to master.

Set Teammates Up

Most basketball players get that passes need to be where their teammate is going, not where they came from. Leading our teammates is one aspect of setting them up. However, the skill is even more important for point guards; it follows a similar line of logic as not telegraphing passes. When a pass is strategically placed in a teammate's hands, so they're ready to shoot, pass, or dribble, they gain a split-second advantage over the defender.

Putting the ball in a spot to set teammates up is a key to offensive success. Point guards should aim passes so they can be caught in a place where the teammate can instantly establish themselves in the triple threat position. The best placed pass sets others up to immediately shoot, pass again, or dribble drive.

Last Words

Every point guard who aspires to play college basketball should take part in as many basketball clinics or training camps as possible. Everyone benefits from these opportunities, but players who want to excel at the point guard position can enroll in camps specifically focused on the techniques of the position.

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