Hoop Group Blog: Best Off-season Basketball Workouts
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Hoop Group Blog: Best Off-season Basketball Workouts

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Any young adult with aspirations of being a top basketball player has to accept one reality, basketball is a year-round endeavor. That means as much effort has to be put forth in the off-season as one would put during the basketball league schedule.

When two basketball players have the same talent level, the tie-breaker usually falls to the person who is willing to work the hardest. That hard work has to go beyond what takes place on the basketball court. If someone wants to play college level, the time to start preparing is in high school or prior, during youth basketball training.

Based on what we preach at Hoop Group, let's take a look a what off-season basketball training should include for any player who truly wants to play college ball.

Strength and Conditioning Training

During the regular basketball season, plenty of time is spent with skills training without much focus on conditioning. That's why the off-season training regimen should spend as much time as possible on strength and conditioning.

As for conditioning, nothing is more important to a basketball player than to have their motor running at top speed the entire 40 minutes of a game. That requires a lot of stamina. How do you build stamina? First and foremost, you run. You run wind-sprints and do as much long distance road work as possible. Boxers are required, at most, to square-off for a maximum of 36 minutes twice a year. Yet, they spend hundreds of hours running. The reason they do that is simple, running builds stamina.

Strength training addresses two issues, it improves stamina and overall body strength. Upper-body and leg strength is important to any basketball player who wants to avoid being pushed around the court. If you have places on the court you prefer to be, you have to use your body to hold your ground. Working with weights and flexibility drills are what the doctor would order.

Back to Basketball Skills Training

After spending as much as 50% of one's off-season time on strength and conditioning, time still has to be spent on basketball skills training. Much of this training should be spent on addressing weaknesses as well. For instance, low percentage free throw shooters should be spending time at the free throw line, rather than working on dunks.

The off-season is also the perfect time to be working on fundamentals, especially as a part of youth basketball training. Fundamentals include ball-handling drills, screen setting, rebound positioning, and the often forgotten defensive positioning.

Final Words

Remember, there's great value in getting teammates together for off-season workouts. However, skills training can also be done on an individual basis. This might include shooting as well as working on footwork and hand-positioning.

For anyone involved with basketball training right here in Jersey, the off-season is the perfect time to work on strength skills. You’ll thank yourself in the long run when you’ve built up enough stamina to stay in the game and have finally perfected the free throw. At Hoop Group, we preach the importance of going just as hard during off-season.