Photo by Production Team

2019 Spring Exposure Tour Standouts | Long Island & New Jersey

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Greg Billups -  The 6’4 wing was the best player in the gym at the New Jersey exposure Tour. With a strong frame and explosive first step, Billups dominated both game sets. A strong presence on the glass, he started the break, and finished at and above the rim.


AJ Sepulveda - 6’2 guard with a refined midrange game, AJ did a great job of scoring in the half court. He showed a steady handle and an ability to operate out of ball screens. An above average athlete, Sepulveda finished well, and created for teammates.


Mark Howell - A lightning quick offensive creator, Howell was in attack mode the entire day. With a tight handle and creative footwork, he was constantly in the paint finishing or dishing to a teammate.  On the other side of the court, he was disruptive to the opposing team's primary ball handler.


Tyje Kelton - A 6’6 forward with an interesting blend of size and skill. Kelton did a great job of taking advantage of mismatches. He posted up smaller defenders, and use advanced footwork to go by slower defenders. With soft hands and a nose for the ball he made his presence felt around the rim.


Daniel Braster

The 6’6” guard drew the attention of the gym. A combination of size and skill, Braster is an offense threat. A pure stroke from long-range, quick release of the dribble, and ability to put the ball on the ground and get to the basket, he is effective from all three levels.


Al Toussaint

The 6’3” wing was disruptive all day. Al did a good job of using his size to cause havoc on defense. With a knack for getting to the basket he challenged his opponents on both end of the court.


Jamel Anderson

Impressive 2020 combo guard with a long body and wingspan to match. Anderson did a good job of adapting to the defense. He was consistent from behind the arc and had a good change of pace on the ball allowing him to get to the basket.